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Code of Practice

Full Disclosure
We agree to disclose all of the loan costs as a dollar amount and as an annual percentage rate (“APR”). We will tell you up front what the total cost of borrowing an amount of money from Mr. Payday will be.
Responsible Lending
We will promote only the responsible use of the payday loan service to our clients on all of our advertising and marketing materials including online advertisements. We will not falsely advertise the payday loan service or in any way mislead or deceive the public.
Right to Cancel
All customers have the right to cancel a payday loan at no personal cost on or before the close of the following business day.
Fair Collection Processes
We collect past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner.
No Wage Assignments
We do not not take a wage assignment as security on a payday loan.
Loan Amount
We do not not grant payday loans in excess of $1500.
Toll-Free Consumer Line
We will provide a toll free number for consumers, available in all areas they provide service to.
Comprehensive Website Security and Consumer Privacy
We will maintain SSL security on the portion of our website where consumers enter information as well as a privacy statement on all web sites.