National Cash Advance

Facts about National Cash Advance

Regulation B in Federal Law prohibits the consideration of Age, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, or Handicap as a basis for giving anyone a loan. National cash lenders, through its website do not discriminate based on any of these factors. In addition national cash lenders will not enter into or maintain vendor/reciprocal information service type relationships with anyone who does not conform to these anti-discriminatory practices. Regulation Z in Federal Law requires the full disclosure of all costs and terms associated with any national cash advance and further requires that the costs associated with the transaction be expressed as an annual percentage rate of interest.
If National Cash Lenders is unable to collect payment from your provided account for any reason to effect debit entries as agreed, you promise to pay us all sums you owe immediately, by making payment in full by using Western Union Quick Collect process. If in default, you authorize National Cash Lenders and/or their designated collection agency to continue initiating ACH / EFT or bank draft debit entries of your financial institution account for full and/or partial payments of national cash and associated costs as necessary until all total amounts owed are paid in full.

Advantages of National Cash Advance

Picture of National Cash Advance - Borrow up to $1500 now!Friendly Staff Work diligently to serve your loan needs by responding to client requests as soon as possible. No Faxing and you just upload your employment verification to your online account. Safe & Secure in that your information is stored safely and securely at the Fuse Point data centre. 24/7 Convenience in that your loan is available online, anytime. For payment amounts, payment dates, re-loan requests, and changes to your information. Once approved, loan requests are sent for deposit. Advantage national cash advance provides comprehensive training to its new Franchisees. New Franchisees will attend an existing store to be trained on the processes and methods of which payday advances are issued. Once the new Franchisee is trained, a mentor will be assigned so that a contact is in place for future questions. The Area Representative is also available to answer any questions that Franchisees may have during their daily operations.

Advantage cash advance also provides market data, news letters, legislative information and overall Advantage Cash Advance performance on a quarterly basis. If there are changes to the cash advance processes or business practices, the area representatives will be contacted and trained accordingly. It will also provide a training manual to the area representatives and Franchisees for reference and to assist in the training of store personnel. One of the unique ways of successful grown advantage cash advance is through partnership program. This partnership program allows qualified entrepreneurs to partner with banks and own their individual store(s) without any upfront license fees. This is the fastest and easiest way to jump into the lucrative loan lending and check cashing business.
For many business owners, a cash advance for national offers benefits that are not available from lenders and other financing sources. For example, while a business owner’s personal credit history may be reviewed, a poor or damaged credit history is not an automatic disqualifier for a business. While many working capital options might take weeks or longer to secure, a cash advance puts money in-hand in as few as 3 business days, and this money can be used for any business purpose. Cash advances are a smart way to get working capital for many small and medium-sized businesses. You can obtain the working capital needed to stabilize, grow, and take advantage of opportunities. A national cash advance is the purchase of future credit card receivables; it is not a loan.

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