Payday loans is a short term loan designed to help you in emergency situations when you need some extra cash, but your payday days away.

Requirements to get a loan from Mr. Payday are minimal. To qualify for a loan with us, active checking account in good standing, have been employed for at least 2 month or receive pension/workers compensation/unemployment insurance and have a telephone number that we can reach you at. You must be at least 19 year old and your net income should be $1,200+ per month.
Mr. Payday lends up to $1,500 or 50% of your net pay, whichever is less. For your first loan with us, you can borrow up to $500.
Getting your funds has never been easier. Once your loan approved, we will send you an Email Money Transfer.
Yes, you can still get a loan if you had problems paying your bills in the past or filed for bankruptcy. We do not base our lending decisions based on your credit profile. We evaluate your ability to pay back the loan.
We have developed simple step by step online loan application that only takes minutes to fill out.

No, we profile completely digital online experience. There is no need to email or fax any documents.

The fees vary Province to Province. The interest charged on our loans is usually $15 per every $100 borrowed.

Yes, you can still qualify for a loan with Mr. Payday even if you have one or more outstanding payday loans. As long as the total amount of payday loan does not exceed your paycheque, you are good to go.

You will have to pay back the loan on your next payday. You loan repayment date will be stipulated in your loan agreement. You do not have to worry about manually making the loan payment. Mr Payday will simply debit the loan proceeds from your bank account.

You can apply for another loan as soon as your current loan is paid back. Re-applying for another loan is even easier. All you need to to is to login into your customer’s page and submit a new loan application.

Unfortunately, due to rules set out in payday loan regulations, we are unable to extend or refinance your outstanding loan. You must pay back the loan as per your contractual agreement. Once your current loan is paid, you can apply for another one right away.

To change/update your personal information, simply login into your private customer’s page, click on the fields you would like to update, enter your new information, click submit button. It might take a few hours for the new information to appear on your profile.